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Instant cash loans is a loan product that offer adequate funds when some unplanned expenses crop up in the mid of month. You can take this support if you are a salaried individual and get your paycheck on monthly or bi-weekly basis. Basically, these loans are drafted for financial emergency in family when you need extra funds to meet expense like

o School or collage fee of the kids
o Utilities bills like telephone and electricity bills
o Payment of loan
o Medical bills
o Shopping
o Family tour etc.

As the title implies the approval here is instant and you are not required to wait of the approval for a long time. Most of the lenders are offering these services with approval in 24 hours. Within 24 hours the loan amount is electronically deposited in your bank checking account and you can use your money according to your needs.

Some of the lending companies offer these services without faxing documents while some other ask for your monthly pay stud and employment record along with the documents proving your home address. Some of the loan provider companies ask for post dated cheque of the borrowed amount and interest payment. This post dated cheque works as collateral and lender can take his money on the due date.

Being cash and short term loan amount here is ranges from $100 to $1500 for the repayment period of 7 to 31 days until your next paycheque. You can also repay the borrowed amount from the next salary day. An advantage for bad credit people is that all sort of bad credit are acceptable here. With status like CCJs, foreclosure and payment defaults, you can get approval if your repayment ability is good. This loan is collateral free so it is linked with high APR. With the borrowed amount you are required to pay high interest fee to the lender. If not paid on time be ready for huge debts.


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