Fast Cash Loan Tenant - An Opportunity for Tenants

Living in a rented house and not having any security to pledge against an external monetary help does not make tenants ineligible to cherish the financial comfort what others are enjoying. Lenders are now offering various loans for the tenants also. And the most famous and useful among them is fast cash loan tenant.

These loans are specially designed for tenants keeping in mind. As they do not have any type of security to pledge as collateral against the loan so fast cash loan tenant is of type unsecured. You are not required to place any collateral to get the money in your pocket. And as the very name implies it is fast to get the loan approved. Sometimes you can make it within hours.

Amount, Rate & Repayment Time:

Though you can't avail large amount of cash, but it will be in the range of £200 to £1500 which is just enough to meet the crisis. You can use the money for anything of your choice like going for a holiday trip or paying a medical bill. Interest rate will be a bit high. It can be up to 25 % of the amount taken. You have to pay the money back within a time period of 10 to 30 days. In case of any default you will be charged with high penalty.


As the very name implies all UK tenants of age 18 or above are eligible to apply for these loans. All you have to do is to produce your tenancy proof in front of the lender. You must have a regular source of income of £2000 to get the loan approved easily. Your current active bank account number will be taken to make all transactions.


Like all other loans these loans can also be taken through banks, but as the money is required to meet an emergency need so it is better to go for online. You can go through all the quotes available to select the best one among them.


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