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Cash Loans America has introduced a no hassle, no-fuss upfront cash scheme. In this scheme individuals, who find themselves in an unforeseen financial problem, can avail of a $500 advance in less than 24 hours. This advance is given through a direct deposit.

When this upfront cash is availed, there are no credit or background checks, nor any questions relating to the borrower's need for money. This makes the scheme extremely convenient to customers as it takes out all the hassles involved in applying for a regular loan and one does not have to worry about compulsory credit checks, faxing or mailing of documents, and interminably long delays.

Application for the loan is an easy process with no obligations and no risks. When the customer fills out the free form on Cash Loans America's website, he is not required to receive an advance from Cash Loans America or any other organization. This is just the chance to get himself approved for a loan in case he decides to take one.

The following information is required before applying:

The customer's Social Security Number, address and information about his place of employment. Details about how much he is being paid and how often are also required.
The routing and account numbers of the bank account where the money is to be deposited. The deposit can be made either to a checking account or a savings account. These account numbers can be found on the checks itself or can be got by contacting the bank where you have your account.

Once this information is furnished, you can avail the upfront $500 without any problems.


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